At Noseworthy Chapman, our experienced mergers and acquisition professionals bring local market intelligence, financial skills, and objective advice to help private companies in assessing merger and acquisition opportunities and to help make the right deal.

If your business is ready to grow or expand through a merger or acquisition, or if you want to divest your business, Noseworthy Chapman can help.  


  • Developing seller’s objectives and strategy
  • Analysis of company information and value
  • Developing confidential information memorandums
  • Compiling appropriate data to provide to potential buyers
  • Defining target buyers
  • Approaching potential buyers
  • Negotiations
  • Tax advice
  • Post-sale support


  • Development of an acquisition strategy
  • Identification and evaluation of target businesses
  • Assessment of purchase price and deal structure
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Financing assistance
  • Due diligence
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Post-acquisition support


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